ENE takes an innovative approach to providing mechanical topping, hedging and skirting services to our customers. 

We invest in skilled and reliable operators and quality saw blades and equipment to perform a service we can be proud of. All supervisors and operators successfully complete our comprehensive safety program as well as other relevant training prior to operating the machinery.

Our highly versatile and efficient machines, combined with experienced supervisors and operators, allow us to provide growers with an economical pruning solution. Our fleet is comprised of ENE designed and manufactured equipment, including our exclusive Single Bar Topper-Hedgers, as well as modified TOL, Inc. equipment.

Please contact Javier or Hilary for questions, pricing and scheduling. We are always happy to work with you to develop a pruning program specific to your needs.

Straight Bar Toppers-Hedgers


One of the most versatile machines in the industry, our Straight Bar Topper-Hedgers are designed for selective cuts from tree to tree. These machines offer a cost-effective way to hedge, tip or roof top your walnuts and pecans. The narrow cab, flotation tires and heavy-duty, yet lightweight design allows us to perform effectively in many orchard situations.

Hybrid Angle Bar Topper-Hedger


This unique design combines our Straight Bar and Rotary-style equipment in one. It is capable of roof topping and hedging at the same time for a very cost-effective pruning treatment. It is best-suited for tipping or maintenance cutting in younger walnuts and pecans.

Rotary Topper-Hedger-Skirters


Capable of a variety innovative cuts in addition to the standard topping and hedging, there are a variety of applications for our ENE Modified Rotary equipment.

We have several variants of this style of machine, each with some unique advantages in cutting positions, reach, etc. to meet your orchard’s needs.

One treatment that has been very popular is our one-pass, 12”, slot-hedging cut which can be an effective tool for separating almond varieties or providing a very narrow cross-hedging cut across tree row borders.

Contact us for information on additional cutting styles such as our V-topping and Z-topping.

Double Bar Rotary Topper-Hedgers



These machines are capable of hedging or cross-hedging with the narrowest cut in the industry – a mere 24”. Many equipped with a third axle, which allows these hedgers to offer better suspension and efficiency in cross-hedging or other rough field conditions. The unique joints allow the separate articulating heads to adjust individually, giving you options beyond typical hedging style cuts.